Sprinkler and Irrigation System Repair

Our Services And Technicians Are Here For You

Our sprinkler service technicians are licensed by the State of Texas, TCEQ as required by law and have a minimum of 5 years experience in the irrigation industry. We guarantee you will always get the best service from our technicians, we will never send an “intern” to your home. Our family has proudly served the irrigation needs of the Dallas and Fort Worth areas since 1954. We are simply the best.

We offer sprinkler repair services, spring, summer and fall tune ups and rain and freeze sensors to help with water conservation as well as a winterization program for those with above ground backflow devices. We are specialists when it comes to solving electrical problems, each truck is equipped with the latest technology available. In addition, all trucks are fully stocked with parts to repair any problem that we may encounter with your sprinkler system. We carry parts on our vehicles to repair the sprinkler systems that are 60+ years old!!

Got A Problem? Let Us Deal With It!

You have discovered a problem with your sprinkler system, such as a wet spot, one or more zones that do not turn on or off, water gushing out of the lawn, or a few “fountains” in your lawn. Your sprinkler system is not working as it used to.

If you have any of the following issues, our team of expert technicians are here to help:

  • Repair or replacement of leaking sprinkler heads

  • Repair or replacement of leaking or malfunctioning sprinkler valves

  • Moving, relocating and the addition of sprinkler heads

  • Leaking sprinkler lines

  • Checking and adjustment of sprinkler heads for proper coverage

  • Location of underground buried valves

American Sprinkler Repair offers the following solutions to your irrigation problem:

  • Sprinkler leak repair

  • Sprinkler Controller Replacement

  • Repair or replace rain and freeze sensors

  • Sprinkler system valve repair

  • Repair broken sprinkler heads

  • Repair or replace sprinkler/irrigation valves

  • Sprinkler system tune up

  • Irrigation system repair

  • Sprinkler system electrical problems

Our technicians come to your home with a fully stocked truck and ready to have your system up and running with one trip.